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Tatjana Zidar Gale

Tatjana Zidar Gale, dramaturge

NLP trainer and NLP coach, Integrative Relational Psychotherapist, Teacher of Mindfulness

Tatjana has graduated from the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (Ljubljana, Slovenia).

In 1997 Tatjana completed the first level training in neuro-linguistic programming, obtaining an international certificate and the title NLP Practitioner. Two years later, she completed the second level and obtained her second international certificate as well as the title Master of Business Communication. In 2002, she earned the highest title, becoming an NLP Trainer. In 2005 she received an international licence and the title NLP Coach from the University of California, Santa Cruz, USA.

She is a certified integrative psychotherapist (at IPSA – Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling in Ljubljana and I.I.P.A – the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association). In 2012 she became a teacher of mindfulness (at IPSA in Ljubljana). She has been conducting seminars and workshops of rhetoric, interpersonal communication, especially assertive communication, problem solving, stress management etc. for 25 years.

Tatjana has participated in numerous training sessions led by Slovenian and foreign professionals (K. Podbevšek, M. Beyer, S. Haslam, M. Vogel, B. Kinder, B. Feustel, R. Dilts, J. DeLozier, S. Smith, L. Susskind, S. Heen, B. Patton, D. Stone, etc.), and frequently attends programmes at Harvard University, USA. She is also a member of the Slovenian Association for Integrative Psychotherapy and Transactional Analysis (SINTA) and a member of the I.I.P.A.

Boris GaleBoris Gale, communicologist

Boris has graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is an independent advisor in market communication and author of both professional and general articles on communication.

He oversees day-to-day operations, manages the collaboration with business partners, and ensures that all workshops and lectures are carried in accordance with the highest professional standards. He is also editor-in-chief of the monthly e-newsletter.

Personal coaching and therapy


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