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About us

Who we are

We are a closely-knit team of two full-time employees and selected long-term associates, and we have been in the business since 1992. We design our own training programmes and collaborate with pedagogists, psychotherapists, trainers and actors. 

We operate in Slovenia and Macedonia (

What we do

We give lectures, seminars, workshops and trainings for groups; we offer personal trainings, counselling, coaching and therapy.

How we do it

Employing interactive group trainings and individual approach we enable our participants to develop their communication, rhetoric and negotiation skills which they need in the workplace.

We help them to break away from the old restrictive patterns of behaviour, thinking and experience. We seek to make them become aware of their wishes, needs and interests, while respecting and considering the wishes, needs and interests of their colleagues and others. The participants learn to communicate and work towards finding a common solution.

We help individuals and groups to better cope with, or even shed, the burden of their past – to detach themselves from unpleasant experiences, grudges, distress and tension, and to turn to the future motivated to reach their goals and strengthen the collaboration with their colleagues.

We will help you to get the knowledge and develop the skills, strategies, techniques and tools that you can immediately use in your daily life.

Our values

(attaining a proactive response in communication, finding innovative ways to learn communication and shape skills)

(finding efficient strategies that help people to speak in public with ease, achieve successful two-way communication, effectively resolve conflict situations, and better understand themselves, their responses and actions)

(collaborating with organisations and individuals with a view to pursuing excellence in knowledge, skills and strategies which are needed in everyday situations)

(cooperating with organisations and individuals in processes of change, risk, promotion and development to ensure high efficiency, better results, stronger interpersonal relations and self-assurance)


May the excellence of dialogue become a motor of change.

Personal coaching and therapy


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