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Here you can find descriptions of our basic programmes. In practice we collaborate with our clients to design the most efficient programmes, tailored to their specific needs. As a rule, a customised programme is composed of different parts of our existing programmes which are arranged so as to meet the client's wishes, expectations and level of expertise. We also carry out the following:


We organise group trainings and workshops for companies that wish to train their employees in rhetoric skills.
In-company workshops and trainings are more practical because:
the programmes are tailored to specific wishes and needs; participants are trained in the skills they need in their daily business operations; the setting itself guarantees better efficiency, and participants reach the goals fast and effortlessly.

While workshops are the preferred method of teaching practical skills needed in the workplace, trainings are perfect for reinforcing the skills in a context, i.e. in real-life situations that include presentations, press releases, communicating bad news, defending one's point of view in meetings, etc.

How are workshops and trainings organised?
The venue, duration and content of a workshop/training is agreed with the client who is also responsible for the logistics, unless otherwise arranged.

Our basic programmes comprise 16 school hours, while shorter programmes last 8 school hours (these programmes involve fewer exercises and practical examples). We recommend a minimum of 25 schools hours if you seek to thoroughly train your employees in rhetoric skills.

Number of participants
The recommended number of participants per workshop is 20; and 10 per training. The client may, of course, opt for a larger number of participants. In this case a training becomes a workshop, and a workshop becomes a seminar/lecture (over 25 participants) which includes group exercises, or exercises in pairs or small groups of three.

Work methods
Workshops and trainings consist of short input sessions, discussions, small group, pair and individual work. The techniques we employ aim to encourage participants to immediately use what they learn in their daily routine. We use the coaching method both in groups and individually to help participants to reach their goals.
When we seek to help people to look for practical solutions, we also include supervision and counselling in our workshops/trainings.

We are fully aware that experiential learning is the most efficient method, so we role-play real-life situations (public speeches, presentations, press releases, discussions, debates, and meetings in which we express our point of view and/or oppose someone else’s, etc.).

All sessions (particularly trainings) can also be recorded if the client so wishes.

The prices of workshops, trainings, seminars/lectures depend on their duration, the number of participants, and additional preparation time (i.e. analysing participants' level of proficiency, designing customised solutions, etc.). The final price is always agreed upon in advance with the client.


Choose one-to-one training if:
  • you’re too busy to adapt to the group timetable,
  • you have a concrete goal for which you need rhetoric skills, and need to finish the training early, or want to develop and master the skills faster,
  • you have a concrete problem that needs a quick fix,

The duration of the training depends on individual wishes and needs. We set the number of hours and working methods together with the client.

A great advantage of personalised training sessions is that that they are flexible. You may choose to combine training and coaching in order to better define your goals, and then learn the specific skills needed to attain them. Alternatively, you may discover counselling as the most suitable approach to tackling specific issues.

Personal coaching and therapy


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