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Integrative relational psychoterapy

Forming the very core of our work, integrative relational psychotherapy brings together the know-how and the methods of various psychotherapeutic schools – mainly the psychoanalytical and the cognitive-behavioural school, Gestalt therapy and transactional analysis.

Integrative relational psychotherapy enables a holistic approach to dealing with person’s rational, emotional, behavioural, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions. But above all, this type of psychotherapy respects one's individuality.

Psychotherapeutic treatment is based on the following principles of integrative relational psychotherapy:

  1. Every individual is important. Respect the value of each individual.
  2. Every individual reacts according to his/her norms in difficult (abnormal) situations. Help them to realise what obstructs them, so that they can respond more efficiently next time when a similar situation occurs.
  3. Every individual has his/her own development process. Respect it.
  4. Focus on positive life changes.
  5. Focus on the inner contact (contact with oneself) and the outer contact (contact with others) as this is essential for all human action.
  6. Humans are relational beings. We spend all our lives looking for and establishing relations with others, and live in co-dependency. Create conditions for better co-existence.
  7.  This is exactly why the therapeutic relationship (relational psychotherapy) is important – it is in this relationship that the client can find ways to establish relations with others.


When is the right time for therapy?

See if you can relate to any of the following thoughts:

  1.  I feel strange. As if I was in a dead-end street and I couldn't see the way out.
  2. I feel empty, there's no energy in me. I feel alone in this world, and I can't seem to get in contact with others.
  3. I can't sleep. I am fed up with everything.
  4. I can't control my anger.
  5. I'm nervous every time I have to speak up or defend my opinion.
  6. I'm afraid. Of everything!
  7. I am angry for being so indecisive. I can't stand up for myself.
  8. I only seem to find comfort in food – lots of it. And sweets!
  9. I'm in a constant conflict with others. I argue with my boss, colleagues and at home. I can't talk normally to my children.
  10. I'm terrified when I think that my children will soon be moving out to live on their own.
  11. I don't want to bring up old grudges, injustices and tensions. I want to start a different life.
  12. I can't relax. The smallest stress puts me off my stride.
  13.  …

The list can go on and on. Have you had similar thoughts and feelings? Do you reckon it's time you drew a line, got fresh energy and move on?

Perhaps your situation will call for coaching in combination with training. Perhaps you problems are deeper and go back into your past – then therapy is the most appropriate approach.

Who is this therapy for?

  • For all who want to solve the above-mentioned problems.
  • For all who want to improve their self-esteem and confidence.
  • For all who want to improve their relations with others.
  • For all who want a better life.


Therapy can last anywhere from several sessions to several years, depending the client's problems and goals, depending on what the client seeks to achieve and/or develop. Sessions are organised once a week and last 60 minutes.

Personal coaching and therapy


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