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Coaching, Therapy, Training and Counselling

Coaching is a dialogue between the client and the coach in which they try to analyse the client’s wishes: they make them clearer and more concrete in order to define real and achievable goals. Coaching is an interactive process between the coach and the client where the coach uses special questioning techniques, encourages the client to carry out his/her tasks, and gives feedback – all to help the client to gradually discover the way to achieving his/her goals. The coach is not a counsellor who offers ready-made solutions; the coach encourages the client to adopt a different perspective, to come to new realisations and discoveries, and find solutions he/she previously could not see because of their way of thinking, experience and/or beliefs.

Therapy is a dialogue between the client and the therapist in which the therapist helps the client to better understand him/herself (attitude towards oneself) and establish better relations with others (attitude towards others), which consequently leads to a better and more fulfilling life. The therapist helps the client to identify causes for existing problems, and together they work towards eliminating the causes. The therapist thus helps the client to understand, realise, accept and analyse his/her burdens of the past better, so that he/she would be able to live a full life and look towards the future more confidently. The therapist and the client build their relationship on trust. This intimate relationship enables the client to talk about him/herself, his/her problems, dissatisfaction, wishes, etc. freely and openly.
Therapy is intended for clients who wish to get rid of psychological/physiological symptoms (tension, restlessness, fear, emotional maladies, etc.); which is why it involves discussing and understanding past experiences.

Training – personal training – is interactive work between the trainer and the client who wishes to improve his/her skills, but lacks certain resources. The client is either not trained enough, or lacks sufficient knowledge, strategies and/or tools. The trainer designs training exercises and encourages the client to experiment, and by learning new skills, change his/her habits, grow personally and work more efficiently.

Counselling is a dialogue between the counsellor and the client who has a concrete problem and is looking for possible solutions. The counsellor and the client together decide on the most appropriate course of action.

Our experience:

In practice the four methods often overlap. A client may, for example, experience problems as a result of his/her negative past experiences, which inhibit him/her from setting (and achieving) goals. The client may also need additional skills to reach these goals, so they need professional advice and guidance. The integration of all four methods can help the client to become more successful, efficient and, most importantly, a more satisfied individual.


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