RETORIKA - Tatjana Zidar Gale s.p.

What they say about us

Feedback from workshops:

  • The lecture was varied and the problems highlighted from different perspectives.
  • The lecturer talked about and solved concrete problems presented by participants.
  • Professional and experienced lecturer.
  • Great combination of theory and practice.
  • Practical exercises and immediate usage of new knowledge.
  • Solving concrete situations.
  • Numerous practical examples of understanding interpersonal communication, and resolving conflict situations; solid theoretical basis for argumentation and persuasion techniques.
  • Clear presentations.
  • Applicable in daily life and at work.
  • Well-structured content, backed by practical examples.
  • Co-operation with participants.
  • A firm yet informal approach.
  • Clear answers to our questions.
  • Lecturer's positive attitude.
  • Conciseness, good structure, many practical examples.
  • Relevant and useful topics.
  • Analysis of concrete examples.
  • Active participation.
  • Relaxed atmosphere and a lot of exercises.
  • Resolving conflict situations.
  • Learning how to improve interpersonal relations with correct communication.
  • Lecture complemented by interesting discussions and topics.
  • Positive atmosphere, good structure (theory and practice, interesting exercises).
  • Great and comprehensive presentation of public speaking.
  • Excellent lecturer who knows how to connect with, involve and motivate participants.
  • Well-structured training.
  • As many employees as possible should attend such seminars.
  • Concrete and practical work, numerous examples, involvement of all participants.

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